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नित्यूंदन गोत्रीय भिडे प्रतिष्ठानची वार्षिक सर्वसाधारण सभा रविवार दिनांक २५ सप्टेंबर २०२२ रोजी आयोजीत केली आहे.
स्थळ : आनंद मंगल कार्यालय, सारसबागे समोर, पुणे.

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However, in order to achieve our other objectives like financial assistance to brilliant but poor students, Career guidance, medical assistance to lonely and elderly persons, list of successful ‘ Bides’,blood-groups data, regular publication of ‘Amhi Bhide’ newsletter, marriage bureau, permanent place for Office on ownership basis etc., we will require a lot of funds. Some of these objectives can be achieved with the help of Internet and thus, we have started our own web site. The web site name is .

All this was possible because of dedicated team of members at Thane Office as well as at Pine Office. The tenacity and persistence of these members is noteworthy. But it is not just enough to have a team of dedicated members,a lot of funds are required to achieve the above objectives.The day-to-day expenses alone would run into Rs. 2 lacs per year. Therefore, it was decided by the Executive Committee to raise a ‘Corpus’ of at least Rs. 25 lacs so that the major expenses can be made out of the interest amount that would accrue on such a ‘Corpus’.

To build this ‘Corpus’ all Bhide Brothers, Sisters and Daughters should come forward. One cans himself / herself donate every year OR can help in collecting the Donations for ‘Pratishthan’. Every year if we decide to donate Rs. 250/- to Rs.1,000/- or more on the occasion of our Birth-day or the Birth-day of a family member, it will make a substantial contribution. Wealthy families can donate Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- or above one time.

Many Committee members have already started donating Rs. 500/- to 1,000/- on occasion of Birthdays. After recently concluded ‘Bhide Sammelan’ at Kihim, Alibag, Mr. M.C. Bhide of ‘Bhide Associates’ donated Rs.1,00,000/-, Mr. Nana Bhide of ‘Yojak Associates’, Ratnagiri, donated Rs.51,000/-, Mr. Shashikumar Bhide and his family donated Rs.1,00,000/- and Mr. Chandrakant Bhide, Builder, donated Rs.1,00,000/-.

All this amount have gone into building a ‘Corpus’. Bhide Brothers, Sisters and Daughters can also support our cause even after their marriage. A significant change we noticed since last year that a number of ‘Bhide’ Sisters, who no longer remained ‘Bhide’ due to marriage, have come forward to help ‘Pratishthan’ in whatever possible way. Some have donated certain amounts, helped in conducting our functions and participated or even donated computer for Office use.

Although the joint family system is already extinct, we can help ourselves by helping ‘ Pratishthan’ to form a larger Regional / Global family.If every ‘Chitpawan’ does this, there will not be a need for separate ‘Chitpawan Sammelan’.

Bhide's staying abroad are expected to be more helpful by contributing to ‘ Bhide Pratishthan’.

We appeal to all of you to donate generously to ‘Bhide Pratishthan’ and make it financially sound and send your Cheque / Demand Draft in favour of ‘Nityundan Gotriya Bhide Pratishthan’ payable at Mumbai or Pune. We have already got Income Tax Exemption under 80-G up to 31st March 2011.

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