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    Quick Registration


नित्यूंदन गोत्रीय भिडे प्रतिष्ठानची वार्षिक सर्वसाधारण सभा रविवार दिनांक २५ सप्टेंबर २०२२ रोजी आयोजीत केली आहे.
स्थळ : आनंद मंगल कार्यालय, सारसबागे समोर, पुणे.


Who is eligible to fill this registration form?

1. Any "Chitpavan Bhide" person, his wife, children.

Why should one fill this registration form?

1. To pass on the benefits to "Chitpavan Bhide" person as mentioned in "About us" link

How to fill registration form?
1. First read all following steps

2. A click on the link provided at the bottom of these instruction will display membership form

3. All fields marked with asterisk (i.e. * ) in the form are mandatory.

More information about Family head / Previous family head.

     a. We have implemented a different concept on this website.
         An example will make it clear.

     Assumption : every married male Bhide person is a family head.
         Let us look at a family information
         Dilip Vasudeo Bhide is entering his family information

         i. For Dilip Bhide there is no previous family information already entered on this website.
         ii. Therefore he will select '(None)' option from the previous family head drop down list.
         iii. Also he is filling application as family head. Therefore he will select '(None)' option from the family head.
         iv. Since this is first cycle of information gathering, for almost all persons filling application
              there will not be any previous family head as well as family head in drop down list.
              After few months down the line, when some member of your family has already filled this form,
              both these drop down lists will become relevant.

         v. When he enters information on behalf of his wife 'Varsha' and son 'Amit', or
              his wife and son enter the information on their own, as explained earlier in this section,
              for 'family head' he / they will select '(None)' option.
              When Amit gets married he will fill application form again. Now he will select proper option from
              'Previous family head' drop down list.

     b. Filling other information is self explanatory.
         To make things simple we are providing following guideline to fill rest of the form.

         i. If you know where is your name located in the 2nd edition of Kulvruttanta then enter page no. here.
         ii. He will mention relationship as 'Self'.
         iii. Title can be any of these - Mr., Mrs., Miss., Dr., Col. Ar., Er., Shri., and any similar abbreviation.
         iv. Residence and office nos. Use Country code followed by STD code followed by phone no.
            For example : a telephone no. in Pune one should enter 91 20 24432989
         v. In front of 'Place' enter name of the city/town from where you are entering the information,
            your normal place of residence.
     c. If you have provided email address / mobile no. Pratishthan representative will inform you.
         about inclusion of your information in database.

PROVIDING your email account (separate for each member of your family or even one from your family will do) and
  mobile no. will help Pratishthan administration to communicate to you quickly.

Click here for Registration form

Click here for New Registration form
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