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नित्यूंदन गोत्रीय भिडे प्रतिष्ठानची वार्षिक सर्वसाधारण सभा रविवार दिनांक २५ सप्टेंबर २०२२ रोजी आयोजीत केली आहे.
स्थळ : आनंद मंगल कार्यालय, सारसबागे समोर, पुणे.

About Us

‘Nityundan Gotriya Bhide Pratishthan’ is a Public Charitable Trust duly registered under the appropriate Indian Law.

It is a representative body of all Chitpavan Nityundan Gotriya Bhide families spread across the globe.

"Bhide Kul" is a web site of the above organisation of Chitpavan Bhides, for the Bhides and by the Bhides.The Organisation hopes to unite all the Bhides spread over the globe and to help each other in all walks of life.

The mission of this Organization:

To develop a Corpus of around Rs. 25 Lac that would help provide financial assistance to the deserving but needy Bhides for education, including studies overseas and also provide finance for expensive medical treatment.

To establish a platform for all the Bhides to come together and to form a cohesive community that would work for mutual benefit.

To update, from time to time, the Bhide Kulavrutta of all the Bhides in the world today and to make it available on line; also, to provide the information about the notable achievements of the Bhides and to share their knowledge amongst each other.

To enable the Pratishthan (by raising the funds) to re-build the dilapidated temple of Vyadeshwar, the Gram-Devata, situated at Nivendi, which is the original habitat of most of the Bhides); and to make a permanent arrangement of performing day-to-day Pooja. To provide financial assistance, with everybody’s consent, to carry out such projects of mutual interest.

In order to help the Pratishthan to grow qualitatively and quantitatively, all of us must offer all types of help, including the financial help, to the Pratishthan. After all, we should not forget that this is our Pratishthan.

About Bhidekul

Bhide Surname

Bhide Kavita

Amhi Bhide Aniyatkalik

Mr. Govind Krishna Bhide, residing at Gwalior, was the first to conceive the idea of ‘Bhide Kulavrutta’, and took efforts to compile it. After his sad demise, the Bhides, in Pune, founded a group called the Bhide Mandal to complete the work started by Mr. Govind Bhide. It was 1942, and the struggle for Independence was at its peak. Consequently, the work of ‘Bhide Kulavrutta’ stopped. It was only after the Independence, i.e. in 1950, that the Bhide brothers gathered again at Kesari Wada, Pune, and decided to restart the work of Kulavrutta . The Late Shri Vasudev Vidyadhar Bhide shouldered the responsibility of compiling and editing the Kulavrutta. He was greatly assisted by the Late Shri Narasinha Chintaman Bhide and the Late Shri Janardan Narasinha Bhide. Many other Bhides also contributed to a great extent.

The first ever ‘Bhide Kulavrutta’ was, thus, published on 11 January 1953, at Tilak Smarak Mandir, Pune. The noted writer, Shri. S.M. Mate, who released the ‘Bhide Kulavrutta’, expressed that he felt very honoured, and also felt very homely as he was closely related to the Bhide Surname from his maternal side.The Retired Judge, Shri. M.V.Bhide presided over the function.

After almost 45 years, in November 1998, the ‘Nityundan Gotriya Bhide’ brothers gathered once again at the Siddhivinayak Mandir, Prabhadevi, Mumbai. It was unanimously decided to create a Trust of the Bhides and to name it Nityundan Gotriya Bhide Pratishthan. Eleven members immediately donated Rs. 1,001/- each and created a Fund of Rs. 11,011/-. Six members were elected Founder Members/Trustees of this Trust, and the noted News Reader/Television personality, Shri Pradeep Jagannath Bhide, was elected President of the Trust. By overcoming all the difficulties and hurdles, and after 9 years of persisted efforts by a dedicated team of editorial staff, the second edition of the Bhide Kulavrutta was compiled and was ready for release. Thanks to the great pains taken by senior editors, like, Shri Prabhakar Bhide, Shri Damodar Bhide, Shri Vinayak Bhide (All from Dombivili, Thane) and Shri Vidyakar Bhide, Pune. Shri Dilip Bhide, Pune, Shri Chinatmani Bhide, Shri Atul Bhide, Shri Vyankatesh Bhide (all from Thane),Shri Ramesh Bhide, Mulund, and many others contributed to make this project successful.

On 13 January 2008, Professor Shri Ram Shevalkar released the second, revised edition of `Bhide Kulavrutta`, this time again at the `Lokamanya Sabhagriha of the Kesari Wada, Pune, and, thus, fulfilled one of the of most important and long cherished objectives of the Nityundan Gotriya Bhide Pratishthan.` After the release of the second, revised edition of the `Bhide Kulavrutta` our responsibility towards fulfillment of other objectives has increased. It is not just the senior members, but also the young members who have a zeal for social work, should come forward and help the `Pratishthan` in achieving these objectives. In order to help the Pratishthan to grow qualitatively and quantitatively, all of us must offer all types of help, including the financial help, to the Pratishthan. After all, we should not forget that this is our `Pratishthan`.

वाढदिवसानिमित्त देणगी

व्यक्तिगत आर्थिक स्थैर्याचा निकष संस्थेच्या प्रगतीसाठी तितकाच आवश्यक असतो. संस्था आर्थिक दृष्ट्या सुद्रुढ व्हावी व सर्व सदस्यांच्या सहाय्याने हे उद्दिष्ट साधावे ह्या हेतूने नित्युंदन गोत्रीय भिडे प्रतिष्ठानला आपल्या वाढदिवसानिमित्त देणगी देऊन आपला वाढदिवस साजरा करा.

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